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India Tours, India Travel, Incredible India Tourism
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Travel Tips For India

A trip to India or Nepal can be a perplexing experience for any person who is on his/ her first visit to these countries. There is so much difference of culture and lifestyle in these countries from western world that many visitors find it difficult to adjust for the first few days of their trip to India or Nepal. Following are some of the important tips that can make your holiday tour in India and Nepal hassle-free and quite enjoyable.

The first important thing is the proper Visa. It is very important for entering and staying in India or Nepal. You may encounter beggars at many places but there is no need to encourage them. For money, do not trust strangers that you may come across in streets. Never give bribe to any government servant for getting your job done. If any person asks for money for official work, you can warn him that you would take this matter to police.

A large number of people in India speak English. However, you may find the accent and choice of words different from what you have heard for years in your country. Don’t laugh at anyone after hearing unusual English accent. It may hurt their feelings. It is also a fact that a large number of people in India have English knowledge better than many native English-speaking people.

It is also a good practice to get insured for theft, loss, health, etc., before starting your trip to India. Moreover always carry maps of the cities or states where you are planning to travel in India or Nepal. Reach the railway station at least one hour before scheduled departure time. At airports / railways stations / bus terminus, try to get a pre-paid taxi instead of normal taxi or auto-rickshaw as they may overcharge and sometimes are unsafe to travel. Solo women travelers should avoid visiting places at odd hours. Do not make hurry while checking out from hotels otherwise you might be overcharged. Don’t keep your money in a single pocket. Carry your stuff in a strong suitcase or baggage to avoid mishandling. During sightseeing, hire only a licensed guide. Avoid giving unreasonable tips in hotel. Don’t stay overnight in desert area during monsoon time. Carry any valid school/college identity card if you are a student to avail discount that are offered to students at a number of historical monument.

Arrival and Departure Citizens of all countries (including Commonwealth) require a valid passport and an appropriate (entry, transit or tourist) visa. ...» More Informations Custom Clearance Visitors who do not have any dutiable goods or 'high-valued' articles or foreign exchange in excess of US$ 2500 or unaccompanied...» More Informations
Currency Regulation You can bring in any amount of foreign currency, travellers cheques, etc., and take out as much as you brought in...» More Informations Export Regulation The visitor can take back all articles brought in by him. In addition, he can take out the following purchased in India...» More Informations
Banks in Delhi Banks in residential areas generally observe the weekly holiday of the area...» More Informations Credit Cards Large establishments generally accept American Express, Visa and credit cards...» More Informations
Tipping Tipping is optional, although cabbies and rickshaw drivers seem to expect tips from foreign tourists...» More Informations Conducted Tour To see all the places of historical interest in Delhi, it is advisable to use a guided tour. Delhi is a round and widely spread out city...» More Informations
Shopping India is a shopper's paradise. Delhi markets specialise in carpets, handicrafts, jewellery, readymade garments...» More Informations Bargaining Asking for a discount is part of the shopping experience - you might be lucky and the shopkeepers may oblige...» More Informations
Tourist Information Make sure that luggage is only given to a member of the hotel's bell staff and a receipt is issued for stored luggage...» More Informations Monuments Entry Fees here are several historical monuments in Delhi. Some of them bear an entry fees for the  visitors...» More Informations
Suitcase Try to carry suitcases made of light material with wheels, or suitcases with number lock system. Keep your suitcases locked, and always carry an extra lock. ..» More Informations Carry only Essential Taking cognisance of time, place and season of visit, carry only the most important things with you. Avoid unnecessary items like too much of eatables, bulky clothing, heavy items, etc...» More Informations
Important Documents Avoid carrying valuable things. Wear a money necklace or stitch a pocket inside your outfit to keep important documents like passport, credit cards...» More Informations Taxi / Auto Rickshaw Always book your taxi inside the airport. If you take a pre-paid taxi, pay a stipulated fare while at the airport counter. After which you need not pay anything to the taxi driver...» More Informations
Hotel Booking For hotel bookings and other information, check out our Travel & Accommodation section. There is no dearth of hotels in Delhi. There are numerous touts offering hotel services at the airport...» More Informations Emergency Lines In case of emergencies you can always contact to the under noted numbers:
Women Help line No: 1091
Police: 100..» More Informations
Doctor / Chemist If you need a doctor, your hotel can contact a house physician. The medical stores in Super Bazar, Connaught Circus and in AIIMS and at some private hospitals such as Batra (Tughlakabad Institutional Area) ...» More Informations Food and Beverages Delhi has an amazing variety of non-vegetarian and vegetarian cuisine. Contrary to what you may have heard, all Indian food is not hot and spicy. Most dishes are only richly garnished to provide an exciting flavour...» More Informations
Beggars If you encounter beggars, who are rare in New Delhi, give in kind rather than in cash. ..» More Informations Telephone & Telegraph You can direct dial to most cities in India, and to countries abroad. For elsewhere book a call through the operator...» More Informations
Safety Tips Leave valuables and important papers, such as jewellery and passports in your hotel's safe deposit box. Never leave these items unattended in your room...» More Informations Etiquettes By nature, Delhiites are affectionate. They will go all out to make you feel at home. While visiting temples / places of worship one should always leave one's footwear outside...» More Informations