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On behalf of Gill and I this is to say a big thank you for a great vacation. rohit and the team in Delhi did a good job in managing the tour. The organisation and service was excellent and everything went without a hitch.

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India is a land of stark contrasts. Go up North to the Himalayas and it is freezing cold. Travel a few hundred miles to the hinterland and it can be boiling hot in the plains. Go west to Rajasthan and it is dry, undulating sand dunes all the way. Go East and luxuriate in the region’s lush green forests. Some areas like Rajasthan are dry while down South, especially in Kerala, it is waterways that greet you. It is the same in cultures with each region having its specific ethnic identity yet bound by a common tradition. A tourist can never have enough of this vast country, discovering something as he travels a few hundred miles and rediscovering it on his next trip.

If places and cultures are as diverse as the dresses, cuisines also vary according to regions and cultures. Those who scoff at purely vegetarian meals would do a double take if they head south, alight in Chennai and sample the spicy hot vegetarian dishes. From the simple idli to a thali spread and everything in between it is a travel in culinary fantasyland. You will come across hawkers and plain hole in the wall establishments that serve plain yet utterly delicious snacks and meals. Upmarket dining halls offer a wider spread and if you wish you can go to top specialist restaurants and have your fill of genuine regional cuisines.

You can best restaurant deals in chennai and give yourself a vegetarian or non-vegetarian treat a buffet such as the one offered by Crimson Chakra in Adyar area at only Rs. 400 for one. RJ Residency in T-Nagar lets you gorge as much as you want on Biryanai, a rice-meat dish, or an Andhra style Thali for only Rs. 99 and this is a real steal. For only Rs. 199 you can have one of the best lunch buffet in Chennai at Munveedu in Adyar and this includes crabs and fish. A special meal spread for a couple at the Promenade Restaurant in Poonamallee High Road costs only Rs. 999. A contemporaneous offering of pizza, pasta, french fries and lemonade at High on Caffeine in Adyar area costs only Rs. 249. Fusion Chinese and Continental Restaurant in Besant Nagar offers a feast for only Rs. 179 and you can go for vegetarian or non-veg stuff. What surprises visitors is that a purely vegetarian restaurant run by orthodox Hindus can peacefully coexist and run its business right next door to a non-vegetarian restaurant. One day you can regale yourself with traditional south Indian meals while the next day you can drop into a restaurant that offers North Indian cuisine. The weft and warp of South Indian cuisine present a tantalizing weave of enchanting aromas to make you want more.

From one restaurant to another is a gastronomic journey in culinary fairyland but it can cost a lot. This is where discount vouchers from a popular India-centric international discount coupon website come to your aid. You can have your fill of discounted meals in top chennai restaurants where discounts can go up to 50% or more.